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Paragliding Tandem Flights

Also erroneously sometimes called paragliding jumps, Tandem Flights are a unique and enjoyable didactic way to experience paragliding accompanied by an instructor.

A Paraglider is a parafoil wing. It launches similar to how a kite is launched.

Once at the launch place, we will reassess again the weather conditions and

will have a previous briefing to explain all procedure.

After going through a safety checklist, we are ready to go.

During the flight, you will be seated in a comfortable harness with 360-degree views.

We will be able to communicate during the flight.

The flight will be run by an instructor on the controls.

Because paragliding is a weather dependent sport the first step is checking the with us and confirming a meeting place and time the day before flying.

Thermal & Soaring Tours

We learn best by practice.  Our number one aim will be to give you the opportunity to fly as much and safely as possible.  

Second to safety is fun, and in a fun environment, most pilots will learn almost automatically. 

Because we know you want to be as safe as you can be and have as much fun as possible we are proposing to spend some time each day (usually in the morning) exploring topics related to the flying day activities. 

These tours also aim to promote the evolution of pilots of different origins and abilities to different flight conditions. 

We promote all the logistics, transportation, accommodation and rescue of pilots after the flight.

Daily Soaring Guiding

Portugal has hundreds of kilometres of coastline, many of them flyable.

That will allow you to increase your technical skills, learn more about your paraglider and make you feel confident with your equipment in smooth and predictable flight conditions.

Whether your goal is become a more experienced pilot or just refreshing your flyability, it begins with the decision to get used to different flight spots.

Make this commitment with a safe and successful training flight.

Paragliding School Lessons

In order to be able to legally and safely fly a paraglider, according to the Portuguese legislation, it is necessary to train at the School to obtain the flight license. Read more about what you need to start paragliding. 

Flying a paragliding is undoubtedly the simpler way for the man to fly and fulfill his earliest dream.

The feeling is indescribable to the pilot, you can enjoy a peace and tranquility without equal. In addition, you can enjoy direct contact with nature. In opposition to the parachute, the paraglider is already open and inflated during the take-off.

While the parachute just goes down, in the case of the paraglider you can climb a lot, fly long distances and fly some hours “without a motor” traveling many kilometers.

During the flight, the pilot controls the paraglider direction with left and right handles, accelerate and decelerate with only slight commands.

Come experience this sport closely and learn more about what we do and how we can help discover the free flight sport.