Understanding EN system classification on paragliders

How do we know our equipment is safe? Bastienne Wentzel finds out how our flying kit is certified Almost every piece of equipment we use, from glider to harness, helmet and reserve, is tested, rated and certified. Having a certification system means you can rely on the quality of the equipment you are using. It

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USHPA Pilot Ratings

Home / Learn To Fly / Ratings and skills introduction  Ratings and Skills Introduction  Flying is a skill that few people get to develop. Among those who fly, only a tiny fraction learn how to fly like a bird, launching from their feet, exploiting the movement of air to stay aloft, and at the end returning to earth once

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Tipos de Frentes

Tipos de frentes   Se denomina frente a la zona de transición que hay entre dos masas de aire de diferente naturaleza. Dicha zona se caracteriza porque, en ella, las superficies isobáricas o isotérmicas se cortan entre sí, además suele tener un espesor que oscila entre los 50-200 Km y una altura que va desde unos pocos

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Skew T

SKEW-T BASICS METEOROLOGIST JEFF HABY   The Skew-T Log-P offers an almost instantaneous snapshot of the atmosphere from the surface to about the 100 millibar level. The advantages and disadvantages of the Skew-T are given below: Why do we need Skew-T Log-P diagrams? Can assess the (in)stability of the atmosphere Can see weather elements at

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GUIDE TO MANTEIGAS, PORTUGAL The best XC site in Portugal Fly big distance from here into Spain A strong local scene and popular family holiday spot Flyable from late February to October Heading into the flats near Covihla. Photo: marcus King WHY GO? Fly Portugal’s highest peak and the beautiful Manteigas Glacier Valley before setting

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Fabricantes de Parapente

Where are the Paragliders Manufactured Advance -> Own factory in Vietnam Aircross -> No info (Thailand?)AirDesign -> No info (Thailand?) APCO -> Own factory in IsraelBGD -> Made by AeroDyanmics in Sri Lanka DaVinci -> No info (Thailand?) Dudek -> Own factory in Poland Flow -> TailandIndependence – Sky Sports Lanka PTV Lda – Siri LankaSkyman- Sky

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Bruce Goldsmith

Bruce Goldsmith      Lucas Machado 30 de março  · A Pilotagem Bruce GoldsmithPara tentarmos entender o que seria essa notória pilotagem das velas do Bruce, faz-se necessária uma volta ao passado para contextualizar como se chegou a esse primor.Comecei a voar na década de 80 do último século do milênio passado (de asa delta, pois

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Tests and Certificates

Tests and Certificates Each wing intended for flying must undergo appropriate tests. Others are designed for free-flying wings, others for propulsion wings. Some other paraglider elements such as harnesses, rescue parachutes, carabiners and trailers are also tested. @lojakpl TESTS OF PARAMOTOR CANOPIES A part of our paramotor canopies are tested in flight according to EN

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Reflex Profiles

Reflex Profiles   Simply put, it is an aerofoil which – in case of decreased angle of attack – automatically tends to have it increased again. In other words, it always stays in neutral position regarding its load. On drawings it’s an aerofoil that has its tail turned upwards 🙂 What is a Reflex Profile?

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Gliders Inspection Types on DUDEK

Full Inspection – thorough technical check The Full Inspection is recommended every 24 months or 150 hours airtime (whatever comes first), given that no other schedule was specified for the paraglider and the inspecting person has not advised otherwise due to paraglider’s condition. In case of paragliders used commercially (e.g. in schools or tandem flying),

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