Daily - Guidance & Coaching

We offer daily guiding and coaching for low air time pilots

This is one of our most popular services

This is a service we offer to those who have a few days off during a business trip or a short vacation and still want to take some time to fly.

You will get specific guidance/coaching for every flight spot from an instructor always on site.

These locations provide all the pilots with experience and excitement.

Conditions are really friendly the air is calm and smooth which makes it enjoyable for beginners too.

Needless to say, for those who need to improve their particular skill; ground handling or top landing technique, this is also an opportunity to gain some air time.

Here, you will find an ideal place for a nonstop launching and top-landing improvement. You may work on launching, flying and landing techniques every day as long as you need/want.

These services are aimed at all those pilots who want to use a few days of travel or vacations to fly in new locations with all the logistics you need.

You can enjoy your time flying safely.

These flying spots are suitable for pilots of all levels. On your daily activity we provide:

  1. Launching supervision by an instructor.
  2. Flying tips. Radio communication and instruction
  3. Skill level: Beginner, intermediate pilots

Coastal Soaring ​Guidance Enquire/ Reservation

Are you are planning to come on vacations and use your time flying?  Portugal offers truly amazing flying sites for Ridge Soaring for pilots of all levels. 
Here, we have a very pleasant year-round climate conditions and the largest number of flyable days in Europe. During Spring or Autumn, while the rest of Europe is frozen, we can still enjoy flying. The coast line is only a thirty-minute drive away from downtown Lisbon and offers several easy flying sites. We will give you tips and pointers helping you maximize your flying experience.

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