Paragliding - Guided Tours

An opportunity to know our best flying sites

Paragliding - Guided Tours

Portugal offers truly amazing flying sites for ridge soaring for pilots of all levels. We have a very pleasant year-round climate and the largest number of flyable days in Europe.
During Spring and Autumn, while most of Europe is frozen, we are flying most days. The majority of our sites are a maximum of thirty-minute drive away from our base. We will give you tips and pointers helping you maximize your flying experience.

Coastal Soaring Tour

This guiding & coaching service is aimed at those pilots who want to explore our beautiful coast and dedicate a week or more to developing or improving their flying skills in new locations, and gain air time in a safe environment.

We will assure a good experience with our support and offer all the tour aspects.

    • We have known the locations and flight conditions on our sites for over 20 years and understand the weather on the coast.
    • We are confident that most pilots will learn a great deal from this experience.
    • The decision to get used to different flight spots always with the support of an experienced instructor, make this commitment with a safe and successful flight training!
    • Coaching both on the ground and in the air.
    • Ground handling and launch coaching if needed.

Discover some of the best Soaring Spots on the Portuguese coast

The coastline offers many easy soaring sites above cliff and sand dunes. Conditions are really friendly, the air is calm and smooth which makes it suitable for beginners too.

All of our sites have easy landing spaces on the beaches  or you may also top-landing in the majority.

You will get specific guidance/coaching and flying tips for every flight spot and if necessary, radio communication and instructions from an instructor always on site. 

For that reason, at these locations, it is quicker to become an experienced pilot, as there are more flyable days in one or two weeks than in most other places.

You can improve your paragliding skills, gain experience in handling or top landing technics that could take months elsewhere.

Skill level: Beginner and  intermediate pilots.

These locations provide all the pilots with experience and excitement.

This is a Saturday to Saturday Tour

The price includes: 

Transport: All Airport/Hotel transfers and transport to and from the flying sites are included in the package. 

Accommodation: The accommodation is a maximum of 30 minutes from our flying sites. Guests will be placed in twin bedrooms, with private bathrooms and breakfast included. Single bed rooms may also be requested, with a suplementary cost.

Weather forecast: Daily weather forecasts, analysis and updates, specific for the flying location of the day.

Flying Sites: We will select the best site for the day according to the wind direction and strength. All flying sites are suitable for low air time to Intermediate pilots.

Coaching: An instructor will provide full site briefings and launching supervision, if required. In addition, coaching and flying tips on the ground and in the air will be provided where appropriate. We encourage each and every pilot to progress at their own pace and fly only in conditions that they understand and are comfortable with.

Meals: Meals other than breakfast are not included. There are restaurants close to all our flying sites, and packed lunches can be provided if required. Breakfast will be served at your accommodation.

Skill level: Entry Level to Intermediate pilots.


To have a minimum IPPI 2 equivalent certification.

  • DHV or CEN-certified equipment.
  • A reserve parachute.
  • Medical insurance including emergency repatriation. (usually included on the pilot’s license insurance).
  • 144Mz (2 meters) Band radio if you require coaching.

Coastal Soaring ​Guidance Enquire/ Reservation

Those weeks will be from Saturday to Saturday  
The price for the package: 950€ / PAX

With a long career in pilot training, you know you can count on our experience. We have all the gear you could possibly need as you grow from student to pilot.

Tour description:

1st day: Meeting at Lisbon airport. Transfer to your accommodations and If possible we proceed for a late flight.

2nd-day and following: We roam and fly the best beaches around accordingly to the weather conditions.

7th day: Flying home.

Transportation: Your ground transportation is included in the tour. Airport transfers, Hotel transfers at the end of the day and during the day activities, are all included in the packages.


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