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See how easy is flying with an instructor

Come and experience a tandem paragliding flight

Give Paragliding a Try

Have you ever dreamed of soaring like a bird? Well, stop dreaming and just do it!
We carry out Paragliding Tandem Flights made by Paraglider instructors across our coast. Paragliding is a unique experience and what we like to do. Flying and give others a learning experience.
No matter if you come alone, a group of friends, a stag and hen party or just want to fill some of your holidays with adventure and fun.
Give paragliding a try and do a tandem flight with our experienced and certified Paragliding Tandem Pilots.

Flight Reservations:

How does it work?

Complete the following form, selecting the desired day for the event and nº of participants.
Upon completion you will have your flights reserved and we will get in touch to give you details about the flying Spot and Hour of the event. 
The payment can be done also on the event day after your tandem flight.

We meet with customers on the tandem flight site.
The Flying Site will vary depending on the weather conditions.

Depending on the weather conditions, we will contact you to confirm and will let you know about the hour and flying site. A tandem flight is best for the person seeking an exciting one-time experience, with minimum commitment.

Paragliding Flight Reservation

Payments are done only after doing your flights.

For any other questions, please get in touch using one of the following contacts: 

We comply with the operating rules described in the following requirements: Read More 

Paragliding is a weather dependent sport

Because paragliding is a weather dependent sport the first step is checking the with us and confirming a meeting place and time the day before flying.

Discover breathtaking views from the air with qualified and professional paragliding instructors, who can assure safe and unforgettable flights. The flights will be run by an instructor on the controls.

Once you had made up your mind, you do not need any kind of equipment or experience. Portugal Paragliding takes you on this adventure.

A didactic and unforgettable experience in total safety and comfort to give you one of the best sensations in the world. With a team of experienced tandem paragliders pilots, recognized by the FPVL (Portuguese Federation of Free Flying).

We also focus on training flights, though we can offer tandem flights to those looking to experience paragliding flight. Those Spots will give you plenty of time in the air to enjoy the gorgeous views of the beaches at the coast.

What to expect on your tandem paragliding flight:

Portugal Paragliding provides all the necessary equipment from the latest generation and mandatory passenger insurance.

During the flight you will be seated in a comfortable harness with 360 degree views.

We will be able to communicate during the flight.

The only thing you have to care is sun protector, appropriate clothing according to the weather and comfortable shoes.

What else do I need to know?

Do you think the memory of your wonderful experience will fade with the years passing by?

Make your flight a lasting memory with great photos and/or a movie. You may bring a Camera for in flight pictures.

We confirm your Paragliding Flight Reservation

Our availability to carry out your flights is total.

What we cannot confirm at this time are the weather conditions on the day of the flight.

You can contact us through our e-mail: tel or WhatsApp +351917251262

We therefore ask that you contact us the day before your flight(s) so that we can inform you of the time and place of meeting.

When we are contacted (the day before your flight(s) we will send you the time information and a Google Maps pin of the Flight/Meeting location.

Usual Flight locations depending on Wind direction are:

Praia das Bicas – Praia da Fonte da Telha – Sesimbra 

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Paying using PayPal 

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You will be directed to a safe environment.

Payment can also be made via an MB-Way transfer to 917 251 262

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How will I receive the voucher? 

After confirming your payment, we will proceed with the processing and sending of your voucher. We will send your voucher by e-mail in digital format that you can print or forward to the final recipient. 

The voucher will be valid for one year and one day after the billing date.

Thank you for purchasing of the Paragliding Flight Gift Voucher.

For any additional information, you can contact us for this purpose by email or phone +351 917251262